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Welcome to my blog!

This is a place for all women to get reliable advice about professional hair and skin products and how you can use those products at home to get the best results. I want to help you look and feel your best so you can tackle the work week with confidence!

Read my blog below and don't forget to comment, ask a question or say hi! I'd love to personally help you tackle your beauty care struggles.


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Hello and Welcome!


My name is Tiffani. I've been a licensed cosmetologist for over 17 years.  I started as a hairstylist apprentice, and now I create videos and blog posts to help you look and feel better at home.

 For me  beauty comes from from the long term. You can look good the day you leave the spa or salon, but how are you maintaining at home? At home maintenance is even more important because it helps the benefits you got at your previous appointment last even longer. It also provides a better, healthier foundation for the next. I want you to get the most out of your professional products at home, whether its skin, hair or nails....