Why Your hair is always Frizzy, and how you can stop it.

Updated: Sep 7

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Many of us deal with frizz. So we buy the best professional products and try treatments to tame it down. I'm here to tell you that even if you get the best anti-frizz treatments, if you don't fix this one thing you'll always be battling the frizz.....

You're problem is not your products, it's your moisture. Keeping your hair moisturized is the number one way to get the frizz down or gone.

But I know your thinking "I do moisturize! That's what all my anti-frizz products are for!" I totally understand, but many times the other things we do in life inadvertently take that moisture away or keep the moisture from getting in.

If we don't stop these habits all the moisturizing anti frizz products you spent good money on won't be able to help you, and you'll be fighting an up hill battle. Here are my 4 steps to keep the moisture in your hair and tame the frizz once and for all.

Step 1- Say no to silicones!

Many products have silicones in them because they make your hair feel good. Many people refer to this as "slip". If a product has great slip, it feels good as your hands glide through your hair when you're applying the product, without catching on any tangles.