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Why Your hair is always Frizzy, and how you can stop it.

Updated: May 31

Many of us deal with frizz. So we buy the best professional products and try treatments to tame it down. I'm here to tell you that even if you get the best anti-frizz treatments, if you don't fix this one thing you'll always be battling the frizz.....

You're problem is not your products, it's your moisture. Keeping your hair moisturized is the number one way to get the frizz down or gone. But I know your thinking "I do moisturize! That's what all my anti-frizz products are for!" I totally understand, but many times the other things we do in life inadvertently take that moisture away or keep the moisture from getting in. If we don't stop these habits all the moisturizing anti frizz products you spent good money on won't be able to help you, and you'll be fighting an up hill battle. Here are my 4 steps to keep the moisture in your hair and tame the frizz once and for all.

Step 1- Say no to silicones!

Many products have silicones in them because they make your hair feel good. Many people refer to this as "slip". If a product has great slip, it feels good as your hands glide through your hair when you're applying the product, without catching on any tangles. Slip feels so good! But silicones are deceiving and actually do more bad than good (same for skin care products!) The problem with silicones is that they seal the cuticle of the hair which is why it feels so smooth and will also look shiny. However that seal also keeps moisture from getting in. If your hair is dry to begin with, after you use a product with silicone, your moisturizing products won't be able to get in the hair and work like they should. What is worse, is that silicone can build up over time, which means the longer you use it, the the less and less chance your hair can get the moisture it really needs. The silicone will make it feel good and look shiny at first but then your hair will still feel dry and look frizzy. Then you'll be off to the next product because you feel like the current ones aren't working anymore.

Step 2- Oil is not moisture!

Many people add oil to their hair to keep it moisturized. However this is deceiving too. Your hair will look shiny but you'll always be fighting the frizz battle because Oil does not add Moisture! Oil seals in moisture! Moisture comes from hydration or water. If your hair is hydrated, then sealing in the moisture with a hair oil is the perfect combination to keep it moisturized. Natural oils will wash away clean letting your hair be able to get moisture back in. Sealing the moisture with a hair oil will give it shine and help keep your hair moisturized. Beware though, only use professional hair oil products. Food grade Oils are way to heavy for the hair, are hard to wash out, and can build up over time causing the same effects as the silicones.

Step 3- Use silk or satin at night.

We all know how cotton is really absorbent right? Well, sleeping on a cotton pillow case all night is going to absorb the moisture right out of your hair! (again same for your face) Don't spend time and money on getting your hair moisturized just get it taken right out by your cotton pillow case. Instead, use a satin or silk pillow case or use a satin or silk sleep cap if you want to keep your regular pillow case. And extra points if you use a satin scrunchy to put your hair up at night!!

Step 4- Give it some Time.

Getting the moisture balance right for your hair is going to take some time. How much time is going to depend on where you are starting from. If your hair is damaged and breaking, you might want to start with protein or bond building treatments first. You also might need some deep cleansing treatments if you have been using silicone or food grade/cheep oils for a long time, to get the build up off your hair. Regular trims and just being gentle and loving with your hair (esp. when using heat tools) will also really help your hair to stay moisturized, healthy and frizz free!

These 4 Steps will really help, if you are dealing with frizz or dry hair. If all 4 steps seam like a lot, try just one or two and add in other steps latter. Just adding one change will make a difference to your hair. If you are thinking you need different products because your current ones are not helping I really recommend Hairstory. Hairstory products are silicone free, use natural oils made for the hair and are moisturizing. They work for all hair types, from fine hair to really curly hair like mine! If you'd like more info on how they can help your hair check out my video below.

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Here's a great article I found in Hairstory's Blog, the information is similar but there are some other tips that can help you, please check it out!


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