How to get Volume in fine hair so it lasts all day!

Updated: Sep 7

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Over the years I've had lots and lots of clients with fine straight hair. Don't let my curls fool you. For a long time I wore 1my hair straight and did not have a curly hair clientele. I took a lot of classes on how to blow dry and style hair to get the most volume, and what products were the best for volume.

What do you think of my straight hair?

Most people feel they can just buy some volumizing products and put them in and they should work, right? There's actually 3 secrets in getting voluminous hair. Whether my clients had short, medium or long hair I would tell them theses same 3 secrets so they could get the same volume at home.

The secrets are:

1)Picking the right styling product to put in your hair while its still wet.

2)Knowing how to dry and style your hair properly so it can have volume that lasts.

3) Picking the right Finishing products to protect your volume and give it style (because we want style and definition not one big poof ball)